1 de noviembre de 2007

Gmail Notifier

I've been unable to have my Google Gmail Notifier check my e-mail for about 2 months now. I kept getting an error Cannot Connect To Mailbox (12157) . I never even got a log in window and my password was never saved.

I think the original problem started when y made a typo when putting in my password and from then on I could never get the log in window.

All the searches I did brought me to different people posting about the problem but no solution found anywhere.

I finally figured out the problem and wanted to post a quick note on how to fix it.

The issue affects Firefox users. The problem is that Gmail Notifier is very tied to Internet Explorer (which seems kind of ironic to me, bad design). I never log into my Gmail account in Explorer and since I never use explorer my Internet Settings were a mess.

Make sure that Enable TLS, Enable SSL 2.0 and Enable SSL 3.0 are checked in the Internet Explorer Advanced Options screen. Log into your Gmail Account from Internet Explorer. Restart Gmail Notifier and Voilá! You have your long lost friend, the log in prompt.

Countless reinstalls did not solve the problem and Google's help is useless in this matter. Hope this information is useful.

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in my case TLS 1.0 and SSL were already ticked. The problem was that i had logged out of gmail via explorer and resorted to firefox.

the solution for me was simple - log into gmail with internet explorer.

After this I closed internet explorer, clicked check mail now and hey presto! it works.

Thanks again from New Zealand.