16 de agosto de 2010

Pro-Gay laws more damaging than drug trafficking according to the Mexican Catholic Church

So pissed after reading this today. Was unable to find a version of the article in English, so decided to translate it myself. Here's the original:


And here's my translation:

The Mexican Archdiocese, through their spokesman Hugo Valdemar, declared that the laws that allow same-sex couples to adopt, validated by the supreme court, are "atrocious".

The Mexican Catholic Church sent out a furious attack against Marcelo Ebrard and the Mexican Supreme Court, through their spokesman Hugo Valdemar.

"Ebrard and his government have created laws that destroy the family, that are more damaging than drug trafficking. Marcelo Ebrard and his party PRD, are trying to destroy us", the priest said.

After pointing his flaming finger to Ebrard and the PRD, father Valdemar called the members of the Supreme Court "frivolous" and compared the children adopted by gay couples to "dogs or cats".

After accusing the Court of "excesses, intolerance and ignorance", the spokesman declared that "the laypeople will urge the citizens to make a responsible vote".

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